The Denison Adventures Yacht Ownership Program is designed for yachts owned and operated as active, small businesses engaged primarily as crewed charters. Like any small business you can think of, this status enables the owner to take advantage of all the benefits that can be realized through owning and operating a small business. You are “the boss,” and Denison Adventures serves as your yacht’s management support company to help take care of the many logistics in marketing and providing your yacht ready to use for charter clients.


By owning a yacht via an active small business, the owner can benefit from income tax deductions as well as charter income

  • 1st year deduction – if eligible, the entire acquisition cost of the vessel may be deducted in the year of purchase. Even if not eligible for 100% deduction, the vessel may still qualify for partial deduction each year over the useful life of the vessel
  • Offset on-going ownership expenses – all types of expenses related to yacht ownership such as dockage, insurance, maintenance, loan interest, remaining depreciation are offset by charter revenue
  • Yacht purchase exempted from FL sales tax – up to $18,000 can be saved because charter customers pay sales tax on their usage


Yachts require constant attention to detail, which can become a significant demand on the owner’s time

  • Denison Adventures establishes and implements a complete and detailed plan for the management of your yacht
  • Hence, the owner does not have to be involved in problem-solving, specifying work, contracting, quality/completion and checking/follow-up unless so desired


The value of a yacht over time is very heavily dependent on the quality of its upkeep

  • Frequent cleaning and preventive maintenance are inherent to ensuring a yacht can always be available for charter use
  • Charter revenues can offset the significant costs of a top-quality, complete program of cleaning and maintenance


A basic owner objective means that his/her yacht is available and ready to be enjoyed whenever an opportunity arises to use it

  • Availability for owner use depends on yacht preparation, as well as weather and travel time to the yacht’s location
  • Dension Adventures keeps your yacht always upmarket and charter ready, at the Miami Beach Marina

Possible Fleet Opportunities

[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”top_to_bottom” ihe_image=”5743″ ihe_heading=”Ferretti 72″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/72-Ferretti-Yachts-720-2012-Miami-Beach-Florida/6793288″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]
[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”top_to_bottom” ihe_image=”5741″ ihe_heading=”Azimut 64″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/64-Azimut-64-Flybridge-2015-Fort-Lauderdale-Florida/6554211″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]
[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ ihe_image=”4875″ ihe_heading=”Beneteau MC6″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/60-Beneteau-Monte-Carlo-6-2019-Fort-Lauderdale-Florida/6881916″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]
[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ caption_direction=”top_to_bottom” ihe_image=”5754″ ihe_heading=”Beneteau 51″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/51-Beneteau-Oceanis-51.1-2019-FT-LAUDERDALE-Florida/6737063″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]
[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ ihe_image=”5748″ ihe_heading=”Swift Trawler 47″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/47-Beneteau-Swift-Trawler-47-2019-Fort-Lauderdale-Florida/6870168″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]
[image-hover-effects-vc-free caption_style=”square” hover_effect=”effect6″ ihe_image=”5751″ ihe_heading=”Gran Turismo 46″ caption_url=”https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/46-Beneteau-Gran-Turismo-46-2019-Fort-Lauderdale-Florida/6781325″][/image-hover-effects-vc-free]